36 McGowan Stree, Puponga, Golden Bay, Tasman Region , New Zealand

Cape Farewell Horse Treks, Wharariki Beach

36 McGowan Stree, Puponga, Golden Bay, Tasman Region , New Zealand


We have trekking like no one else!
Rides for all levels in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand.
Cantering along Wharariki Beach or ascending to the top of Old Man's Range...
we have it all!

If cantering along Wharariki Beach is on your

A ride to suit everybody –

Old Man Range - 2.5 hours - $125 per person...
Suitable for all abilities

This would have to be the ultimate in overland trekking with absolutely stunning views! An ever-changing terrain from roads to flat, grassy paddocks, hill climbs, and sandstone tracks. With opportunities for a faster pace, it has everything you could imagine. This trek is suitable for just about everyone and is highly recommended! Not recommended for young children under the age of 12 years. A really popular trek. Great if you are on a budget.It gives you views of all of Farewell Spit and, as you look out to sea, if you are really lucky, you might spot a whale. This trek has been classed as the most scenic horse trek in New Zealand by Fodor's Guide.

Puponga Beach - 1.5 hours $80 per person ...
Suitable for all abilities

This trek leaves our base taking you down the road, across the estuary, through the manuka, and down into the Puponga Channel that leads out onto the ever-changing tidal beach. You ride past the old wharf—with relics of yesteryear. We return via a private farm track with more great views of Golden Bay. A great all-round trek, it has a bit of everything—with opportunities to ride faster. A great trek for all the family and those with limited time and, if you are lucky, seals often frequent this area. Suitable for 7 years +

Puponga Beach/Old man's Range combination 3-3.5 hours $160 per person.
Basic skills a must.

This trek has it all beach, challenging terrain and visually stunning. Leaving our base you meander over private bush and farmland making your way across Puponga Beach, it takes you through the paddocks of Puponga Farm Park and climbs along the old man's range where you have a birds eye view of you surroundings. This trek has some steeper terrain and is suited more for teenagers and adults. The views are breathtaking. The best combination ride around!

Old Man Range & Triangle Valley - 3 hours $160 per person.
Basic skills required.

The combination of these 2 treks is simply stunning.
There are views in all directions and the terrain is always changing. It’s up, down, over and around and is our favorite trek.If you want scenery that will leave you speechless.. this is just the best trek in New Zealand. No worry about the low tide as this trek is all overland and can be ridden at any time of the day. This trek is suited for children from 12 years and older as it can prove more challenging. There is also the option to ride this trek at a faster pace.

Wharariki Beach - 3.5 hours$160 per person
Experienced riders only.

This is a great beach to ride—with its white sand and West Coast surf, it has it all. Ride through the caves and watch the seals and their babies play in the rock pools that are left after the tide has receded. For the more adventurous, a canter down the beach is thrilling—the sound of your horse's hooves as they hit the sand, and the sea breeze in your face is an awesome feeling!
A fabulous trek, it takes you climbing above the beach and crossing over the lush green hills of the Puponga Farm Park. It offers great views from the beach from many different angles and of the Kahurangi National Park. This trek is more suited to older children (13 years and up) must have current riding experience at a confident level. This is a physically challenging trek where you will work as a team with your horse.

Puponga Beach/Old Man's Range/Wharariki Beach ultimate combo 5 hours $250 pp
Experienced and current riders only.

This is the combination to satisfy all requirements two beaches, the best views and exciting bush and rocky outcrop trekking. Getting the best of what we have to offer in our corner of paradise.


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36 McGowan Stree, Puponga, Golden Bay, Tasman Region , New Zealand